Kiel Marine Science

Fish for all - Is aquaculture the solution?

Apr 25, 2018 from 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM

Klaus-Murmann-Hörsaal, Leibnizstraße 1, Universität Kiel


• Prof. Dr. Harald Rosenthal
• Dr. Stefan Meyer (Kompetenznetzwerk Aquakultur, Rendsburg)
• Erik Gutzmann (Krüger A/S, Aarhus, Dänemark)
Moderation: Dr. Birgit Schmidt-Puckhaber (DLG e.V. Fachzentrum Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft Frankfurt a. Main)

The yields of the capture fishery have been stagnating since 1990, so that the increasing demand of the world's population for fish cannot be covered by wild catches in the long run. Aquaculture, which is already experiencing high growth rates, has the potential to fill this gap. Even today, one of every two fish comes from the fish farm. However, the mass breeding of fish and seafood used for aquaculture on the coasts also creates problems for which solutions must be found from an environmental, social and ethical perspective. The aim of the kick-off event for the lecture series on sustainable aquaculture is to provide an introductory overview of the history and development of the cultivation of aquatic organisms, their growing importance for global nutrition, as well as the potentials and risks connected to this.

The talks will be in German.

Klaus-Murmann-Hörsaal, Leibnizstraße 1, Universität Kiel


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