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Priska Schäfer studied Geology-Paleontology at the Universities in Giessen and Tübingen. She earned her doctorate in 1975 at the Erlangen University on the topic ‘Paleoecology and carbonate facies patterns of Triassic coral reefs in the Northern Limestone Alps’. Her habilitation thesis in Marburg concerned the paleobiology of brooding patterns in stenolaemate Bryozoa. Since 1989 she holds the professorship for paleontology and historical geology at Kiel University. From 1992- 1998 she was leading the collaborative research center SFB313 ‘The Northern North Altantic: A changing environment’.

Research questions

Main research interests of Priska Schäfer focus on biogenic sedimentation in shallow water and oceanic environments, an on the paleoecological and evolutionary responses of marine benthic and planktonic organisms to global change. Central research questions include:

  • How did the formation of the Central American interface effect hydrographic, ecological and sedimentological conditions as well as evolutionary patterns on both sides of the landbridge?
  • How are environmental parameters such as temperature, salinity and productivity been documented in the skeleton of marine animals and algae?
  • How does ocean acidification effect the skeletal mineralization of marine animals such as bryozoans, molluscs and algae?


Current Research

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