Kiel Marine Science

„Time & Cooperation Preferences of some Fishers in the Tropics“

01.11.2016 von 16:00 bis 18:00

Ohlshausenstr. 40 (Alte Mensa) - Raum 13, Universität Kiel

Achim Schlüter1,3, Anna Katharina Hornidge1,2
(ZMT Bremen1, Universität Bremen2, Jacobs Universität Bremen3)

This talk serves two aims: to (a) outline and share the ongoing formation process of the marine social and cultural sciences in Bremen, as well as to (b) illustrate this process and offer some content meat by presenting one example of a research project currently conducted. The former will consist of a presentation by A.-K. Hornidge outlining an ongoing discussion process with a group of marine social and cultural science colleagues at the university and non-university research institutes in Bremen and Bremerhaven, its origin, thematic focus areas and strategic aims.  This will then be filled further by A. Schlüter reporting on findings, investigating the question in how far, on the one hand, sustainable behaviour in resource use and, on the other hand, time preferences and cooperative behaviour are linked. Using experimental economics tools, the paper draws on studies, analyzing fishing behaviour of fishers in Colombia and Zanzibar. It is shown that the intuitively and theoretically assumed linked between sustainability and the two concepts is more complicated and has to be analysed with more care.

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