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New position for Dr. Jörn Schmidt, Center for Ocean and Society, Kiel University

Jun 29, 2020

Neue Position für Dr. Jörn Schmidt, Center for Ocean and Society, Uni Kiel

Dr. Jörn Schmidt, a fisheries biologist and scientist at the Center for Ocean and Society (Kiel Marine Science) at the Kiel University (CAU), will move to the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) in Copenhagen on July 1st. ICES is an intergovernmental, marine science organization that acts as an interface between science and policy. More than 6,000 scientists from 20 member countries are active in over 150 working groups. In his new position as Chair of the Science Committee (SCICOM), Schmidt will work with the committee members to coordinate the scientific network and to support the strategic development of the working groups and scientific topics. Until now, Schmidt has been Germany's representative on the Science Committee. Read More

At Kiel University Dr. Jörn Schmidt's research has focused on socio-ecological systems and concepts of sustainability in the ocean and fisheries management, always involving social and political actors. Most recently, he was head of the topic area "Marine Food" at the Center for Ocean and Society at Kiel University, the interfaculty platform of the university's priority research focus Kiel Marine Science (KMS). Together with Prof. Arne Körtzinger (GEOMAR), Schmidt also holds the UNESCO Chair for Integrated Marine Research at the Kiel University.



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