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SEA-EU Tandem Language Learning

SEA-EU-Tandem Sprachen lernen

Instructional Video:
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You are learning a language and reached a B1-level already?
You want to improve your communication skills in that language?
You want to teach your mother tongue or a language which you already master (C2-level)?
You want to do it flexibly, at your own pace and for free?
You want to meet people? Or perhaps you want to prepare for a semester abroad?

A Tandem Language partnership might be a good solution for you!

The European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) team of Kiel University would like to help you find a Tandem Language partner.

Tandem Language Learning – in a nutshell, is a form of informal language learning exchange between two people. It is based on the mutual practice of a language. It usually, but not necessarily, involves two native speakers of a language, teaching the other their mother tongue.

What are the benefits of participating in a tandem language exchange?

  • You can improve your speaking and listening skills hands-on
  • You get to define what you want learn, when and how
  • You can experience language learning outside of the classroom, flexibly
  • You can get to make friends and learn about a new culture
  • And most importantly just have fun!

There are no set rules: just be respectful toward one another! We do, however, provide some Guidelines.

Here’s how to sign up!
1. Fill out the Registration Form : Here you provide necessary information, such as what language you offer and which one you want to learn in return. Also, you can specify your specific requirements.
2. Send the completed form to
3. The SEA-EU team will try to match you with a partner based on the information that you have provided us with.
4. Once matched, you and your partner can arrange a first meeting (physically or virtually). Simple!

Your first meeting:
The goal of the first meeting is to get to know each other and assess compatibility. Also, you and your tandem partner can agree on certain parameters that will provide some structure to your partnership. For this, make use of the Protocol Template to record the organizational parameters, such as your individual learning objectives or the form and length of your meetings. Return this form to us (

IMPORTANT: In case you and your tandem partner decide that you are not the right match for each other, we can re-match you both at any time. Think about it carefully and get in touch with us if you wish to be re-matched.

Your Final meeting:
At the end of your partnership it is very useful to reflect upon your learning experience. For this, make use of the Wrap-Up Form and email it to us (

Any questions?
In the Guidelines, we provide useful tips and suggestions regarding your role in the partnership, topics to talk about and how to keep a record of activities.
If you have any further questions, feel free to email us!

Dr. Jonathan Durgadoo
Johanna O’Brien

Registration Form (pdf)
Guidelines (pdf)
Protocol of first meeting (pdf)
Wrap-Up form (pdf)



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