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Meike Stumpp has been leading a new Emmy Noether Junior Research Group at Kiel University since 2020. The marine scientist and her team will investigate the energy metabolism processes of marine invertebrate organisms, with a special focus on the sea urchin larva.

Meike Stumpp studied biology at the University of Bremen and then moved to Kiel University and GEOMAR for her PhD within the Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean". After graduating in 2011, she initially spent six months conducting research in Markus Bleich's group at the Institute of Physiology at CAU. Longer research stays at Gothenburg University in Sweden and as an Alexander-von-Humboldt fellow at Academia Sinica in Taiwan followed. In 2015, she returned to GEOMAR with a Feodor Lynen Return Fellowship and was associated with that of the Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean". In 2016, she moved again to Kiel University as a junior researcher at the Zoological Institute in the Comparative Immunobiology group. Her junior research group, which works at the interface of Kiel Life Science and Kiel Marine Science, is based here with Professor Leippe.

Meike Stumpp has received several awards for her work, including postdoctoral fellowships from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Furthermore, Meike Stumpp was involved in the integrated marine postdoc network of Future Ocean and until today in the postdoc center of the university.

Research questions

Most of Meike Stumpp's research revolves around the influence of environmental changes on the physiology of marine invertebrate larvae. The focus is on the energy balance and digestion of the animals.

Her current research questions are:

  • How do larvae of sea urchins, starfish and co. digest their food?
  • How much energy do the animals need for certain metabolic processes, e.g. for skeleton formation or digestion?
  • How do environmental changes influence these metabolic processes and the energy distribution in the organisms?
Current Research

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