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Prof. Dr. Alexa Klettner received a PhD in biology, habilitated in experimental ophthalmology and is a professor of experimental retinology at Kiel University since 2013.

Research questions

My research interests are mainly focused on pathogenesis and the treatment of age dependent macular degeneration, the most common cause of blindness in the western world.

My workgroup happened upon an interesting property of the brown algae component fucoidan. Using cell cultures, we were able to show that multiple properties of fucoidan have applications that relate to age dependent macular degeneration.

Apart from the characterisation of different fucoidans for various applications (e.g. tissue regeneration, cosmetics and ophthalmology) the sustainable use and possible cultivation of brown algae are important aspects as well. We are investigating Fucus species in particular, but also Laminaria, Saccharina and Dictyosiphon.

I focus on these particular areas, in order to accelerate the possible use of algae in eye medicine and the development of products in this area of research. Apart from Fucoidans there are other algae components that are interesting (e.g. Fucoxanthins, Polyphenols).

Current Research

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