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Prof. Dr. Isabella Peters

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Isabella received her PhD in Information Science in 2009 at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (Germany). She was a visiting scholar at the École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l’information at Université de Montréal (Kanada) and at the Department of Information and Library Science at Indiana University Bloomington (USA). Before that she studied German Linguistics, German Literature and Information Science in Düsseldorf. In 2013 she became Professor of Web Science at the ZBW Leibniz Information Centre for Economics and at the Kiel University, Institute for Computer Science. The joint affiliation enables research closely related to applied areas of Library and Information Science as well as basic scientific research in Web Science.

Research Questions

Isabella’s research focusses on user-generated content and user-driven processes carried out in social media environments, and how they can be leveraged for different purposes. For example she studies how social media content affects scholarly communication and how web-based services can be leveraged for open science. With that her research contributes to a better understanding of the web by studying:

  • How researchers use the social web for scholarly communication and research evaluation (e.g. altmetrics, Science 2.0, and Open Science),
  • How users and researchers can contribute to the advancement of knowledge and science by adding their own content (e.g., to library catalogues via folksonomies),
  • Why users and researchers use web functionalities and for what purposes?
  • How web-based services can foster user engagement?
  • How various forms of information design can contribute to rich knowledge building experiences?


Isabella especially engages with the KMS research focus on the Digital Ocean, in which she works with the Virtual Seafloor-Project with GEOMAR’s ARENA. The Digital Ocean also serves as environment for future work on the introduction of effective information design and participatory approaches (such as design thinking) to marine sciences to support refining and communication of data and information (e.g., via data storytelling/data narratives).


Current Research

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