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My research interest is the spatial and temporal organization of bacterial cells.

With our work we would like to contribute to the understanding how bacterial cells organize themselves and which mechanisms are used to divide the cell into functional spaces. For a long time, the bacterial cell was considered to be relatively disorganized, in which enzymes and nucleic acids are not spatially precisely separated from one another. This view has been refuted by new knowledge in recent years. With the help of high-resolution single-molecule microscopy, we are able to track the localization and dynamics of individual proteins down to a few nanometers. Our data from the living organisms then form the basis for biophysical modeling. The aim is to decode the molecular mechanisms that are responsible for the spatial temporal arrangement of biochemical processes and to understand how the multitude of biochemical reactions ultimately become life.

Current research on:

  • How is cell division and morphology regulated by bacteria?
  • How is the bacterial chromosome functionally organized in the nucleoid?
  • Is the bacterial plasma membrane divided into functional rooms and how does the membrane react to stress?
  • What influence do antibiotics and antimicrobial substances have on the organization of the bacterial cell?
Current Research

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