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Information about Prof. Dr. Marie-Catherine Riekhof


Marie-Catherine Riekhof has been Professor of Political Economy of Resource Management with a focus on marine and coastal resources at the Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences since November 1st, 2019, and heads the "Center for Ocean and Society" in the Kiel Marine Science (KMS) research priority area. She is moving from the Swiss Center of Economic Research in Zurich (ETH Zurich) back to Kiel after a short stay at the University of Freiburg. From 2009 to 2015 she already worked at the Department of Economics at Kiel University and received her doctorate during this time. She gained further international experience as a World Bank consultant in India and during research stays in Senegal and the USA. Marie-Catherine Riekhof works conceptually as well as with quantifiable ecological-economic models and has experience in conducting and evaluating empirical studies.


Research questions

Marie-Catherine Riekhof examines the impact of different institutional arrangements in the field of marine and coastal resources. In doing so, problems in implementation are addressed, for example taking into account the different impacts on transaction costs.

  • How do institutional regulations (international agreements, arrangement of fishing rights, ...) and the use of new technologies (industrialization of the fishing fleet, desalination technologies, marine aquaculture, ocean fertilization, ...) influence the use of natural resources (fish, CO2 sequestration, mining, ...), as well as the distribution of profits and risks between different user groups (e.g. coasts vs. deep-sea fishing, tourism, nature conservation, ...)?
  • Which factors (regulatory costs, state of natural resources, interest groups, ...) influence the feasibility of environmental policy?
  • How can we link different models to bring together knowledge from various disciplines, and how can we engage in dialogue with different user groups to improve results through better coordinated policy programmes?


Current Research

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