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In the area of maritime systems our research activity includes the following topics:

Automated and autonomous shipping
In this topic complex we are currently working with industry partners on assistance functions for ship management in geometrically limited areas as well as control technological methods for optimal track planning and ship control with static and dynamic obstacles. In this case, the term “optimal” relates to time and energy optimisation. We have presented our first results at the SMM 2018 in Hamburg, in the context of the Maritime Research Forum, which was organized by German Maritime Centre (DMZ), and other publications are to follow.

Path and track planning for AUV’s
Together with the group of Prof. Jens Greinert from GEOMAR we are involved in the regulation of AUV’s with a focus on GEOMAR’s house development “Aegir”. This includes methods and implementation of path and track planning and state estimation to realise robustly reproduced trajectories for measurement data recording.

Process Control in marine biotechnology
We are currently interested in developing strategies for process control of algae growth processes and photo catalytical processes. This includes developing mathematical models of algae growth and the possible intracellular products, which are mostly generated by targeted induction of stress. Methodically this includes questions on model-based state and parameter estimation (software sensors) and model- and databased real time optimisation.


Current Research

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