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Frank Wuttke studied Civil Engineering at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. In 2005 he earned his doctorate. During his post-doctoral work, he had different research visits at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Institute of Mechanics, at the Colorado School of Mines, Center of Wave Phenomena and at GeorgiaTech, Particulate Media Research Lab. In 2013 he earned his Habilitation and in the same year he starts at the new Professorship Marine and Land Geomechanics & Geotechnics at Kiel University. He is member of different national and international task forces in geotechnical, earthquake and energy-geotechnical fields.

Research questions

Frank Wuttke is a specialist in geomechanical modelling, soil-structure/fluid-interaction modelling and soil dynamics as well as experimental testing & process monitoring. He is currently heading the group ‘Marine and Land Geomechanics & Geotechnics’ at Kiel University. His main interests are investigations process monitoring by innovative and nondestructive methods, material behavior, gemechanical impact on geohazard, soil- and geo-dynamics, THMB-soil behavior, and advanced numerical methods in geomechanics. Considering marine geomechanics and geotechnics his main interests are subsea material design and cyclic material behavior for geotechnics structures, sediment stabilization and slope stability. Current project deals with the coastal use, risks, soil-structure/fluid-interaction modeling and material design for pipelines and cables in subsea conditions.

For example:

  • What is most appropriate material design for fast and save coastal geo-structures?
  • What are the physical phenomenon for coupled T-H-M-(C-B) material properties and how they influencing engineering structures?
  • How the soil-structural interaction in marine environment can be modelled?
  • What are the physical trigger and stopping key points for subsea material instabilities?
  • How to influence and design the subsea geomaterial properties for technical and human applications?
Current Research

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