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Prof. Dr. med. Philip Rosenstiel

Schittenhelmstr. 12, 24105 Kiel
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Philip Rosenstiel studied medicine in Kiel and Boston and graduated in 2001. He received his MD degree on the characterization of Angiotensin II as a neurotrophic factor in 2003. After graduating he went to the Dept. of Internal Medicine in Kiel for medical training and a postdoc position in Internal Medicine/Mucosal Immunology with Ulrich Fölsch and Stefan Schreiber. Currently, he holds a professorship in Molecular and Evolutionary Medicine.

Research questions

Philip’s main scientific interest is to contribute to an understanding of the complex interactions between human intestinal mucosa and the environment in health and disease. The group focuses on the delineation of signaling pathways and cellular responses evoked by physiological and pathological host-microbe interaction in the intestinal epithelium and uses a broad range of model organisms from mice to bivalves to answer the questions. Of particular interest are events that are mediated via innate immune receptors (NLRs) or involve ER stress and autophagic responses, including:

  • How does nutritional stress develop into a modified composition of the intestinal microbiota and how is this related to regenerative and immunological function of the metaorganism?
  • What is the contribution of the host’s genotype regarding the metaorganism’s susceptibility towards environmental stress and infections?
  • How do the observed changes shape inflammatory responses at the intestinal barrier?


Current Research

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