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Ralph Schneider studied Geology and Paleontology at the Universities of Braunschweig, Kiel and Bremen. Earning his doctorate at the Bremen University he worked as an research assistant at the MARUM in Bremen in marine geology and paleoclimate research. In 2003 he was appointed as a professsor for paleoceanography at Bordeaux University, France and moved to Kiel in 2005 were he was appointed as a professor in marine geology and paleoclimate research. Since 2009 he is also scientific director of the Leibniz Laboratory for Radiocarbon Dating and Isotope Research.

From 2011 to 2019 Ralph Schneider was the Co-Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean". Since 2012 he is the Director of Kiel Marine Science (KMS), the Centre for Interdisciplinary Marine Science at Kiel University. KMS bundles the expertise of marin researchers at Kiel University and represents one of the four priority research areas. Further, since 2017 Ralph Schneider hold the position of "KDM delegate to the European Marine Board", the leading European think tank in marine science policy.


Current Research

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